About Founder

Shri. Sudhakarrao Zade of well-known personality who was a son of Namdeorao zade born in very poor family at 05/09/1953.But due to poor economical condition of family he was involve in work to earn for his education from his childhood .He supported his family financial condition from childhood by selling newspaper, milk, breads, rajgira ladoo, etc. & completed his primary and high school education. But he understood that higher education was not affordable from him due to family responsibilities. So he adopted process of earn & learn. While taking his college education he done many small business work even though he purchase an auto taxi & drive it. It was a turning point in his life. As he picked & drop many land developers from his auto taxi during that by hearing their conversation he got very much knowledge of real estate development .Then he decided to start a business of real estate development. He got his first chance he drawned up a layout &sale it within a month on his good will. He gives committed money to field owner within the half period of time before commitment date. He was a man of commitment& Due to this his goodwill was increasing rapidly. From that he got huge opportunities from many land owners to carve & sale layouts due to his honesty & gentleness. During the course he decided to start a development company & started it by the name of M/s. Jai Badri Kedar developers then after shree Siddheshwar group was consolidated with a dream of vision of quality & on time delivery. The organization was established by Shri. Sudhakarrao Zade, a business person by capability and a visionary and cutting edge by attributes with over 30 years of involment in real estate and construction. Shri.Sudhakarrao Zade as a chairman of “Shree Siddheshwar Group’’ has been on an adventure to transform individuals dream home into reality with best quality construction. As a chairman of this group he had made remarkable huge growth of this group. Under his leadership this group started many companies which are also leading in their sectors. He develops & make a vast rich of his business throughout the state. Shri. Sudhakarrao zade a man of commitment was known as a best businessman in his time with his both sons Rahul Zade & Varun Zade diversity his business in various sectors as well. A hardworking personality who was not able to take education in his childhood as his wish he opened a school for poor students for their education. He has given a large employment to peoples in the society through his business & educational premises. His life was full of challenges from childhood he accepted those challenges & overcome it & given new vision to society & business .He changes the definition of business modules. He developed iconic infrastructed entities that create an altogether new definition of industry standards that becomes a trendsetter for others to follow & inspires. A revolutionary man in business. Shri. Sudhakarrao Zade left for heavenly abode on 16/08/2018 .His work, efforts & devotion for this group are unforgettable. He is inspirational for upcoming generation .He was role model for all. His policies, principles & vision will always be helpful for development of this group in all sectors. This group is always thankful to him. His struggle & work through his life for this company will always be memorable for all. As he was very good businessman by ethics & also he was very spiritual by nature. He was having very faith on Lord Ganesh (Shree Siddheshwar) during his life time he built Lord Ganesh “Shree Siddheshwara’s Mandir".